Perfect Delivery of the Third Line Motor Production Line in 2019


In January 2019, the third automatic production line of Honest was delivered to the customer factory on time. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have arranged for some engineers to delay their holidays, go to customer factories to help guide installation and commissioning, to achieve a full range of after-sales service.

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We have 8 years experience in motor production line development. The wire body is tailored to the customer's technological requirements, and important processes are tested to ensure the quality of each motor produced. The equipment is flexible and easy to debug. According to the transfer schedule, switching the corresponding program menu and switching the corresponding specifications can quickly complete the conversion between 13 products. Efficient production, average beat 3.5S; high safety, all moving parts and electrical safety protection, to ensure the safety of operators. The whole line is composed of more than 30 equipments, only 2 people can complete the full automatic production of the motor.

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The main working procedures of the wire body are core feeding, winding, spot welding, air blade loading, baking glue, fine car commutator, bronze sand cleaning, armature performance inspection, meson feeding, large group small and motor assembly, sealing, magnetic retaining coil and so on to complete the production of fully automatic motors。 The equipment is used in automobile parts, household appliances, office automation, electric tools, medical and electric toys and other fields。 Consultation Telephone: 075521044779/18148572426 Miss Chen

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