Helix 4 Automated Motor Assembly Lines are out of stock


The engineer said it was marrying a daughter!

On June 29, four automatic motor assembly lines were shipped today。 The equipment was ordered by a manufacturing and processing company in Jiangsu, which mainly produces automobile parts, micro-motors and motor parts。 With the joint efforts of all the people, we delivered the products on time and produced high-quality products within the required time, and also advanced the delivery time。

The four automatic assembly production lines of motors are controlled by imported controllers with high degree of automation. One group of small completion of rubber cover feeding, positioning, bearing grouping, carbon crystal into brush holder assembly and other processes, with soldering process. Group completion of large shell, magnet, Cup Shi automatic feeding and other assembly processes, with defective products detection, defective products automatically discharged. The windowshaker completes the assembly process of TOOTHBOX motor, gear and so on. It has the function of virtual position test (using CCD).

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Our company has a professional technical team, providing customers with non-standard automation equipment, specially for automotive parts, micro-motors, 3C electronic consumption, household appliances, medical and other fields to achieve automation solutions.

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