Shenzhen Heli electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. organizes all staff to have a cool summer trip.


On July 21, Shenzhen Helishi Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. took an annual staff outing tour, the destination of which was a two-day tour of Qingyuan. Farewell to the noise of the city, no pressure to work, around us, not only is the laughter of colleagues, more reflects the close team spirit.

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In the legendary Sky Cable Bridge, when you are still hesitating to experience the courage and physical needs of the Sky Cable Bridge,our three groups of Captain Liu started the first battle, encouraging us to challenge and lead us to explore together, arriving at the end of the colleagues pulled us up one by one, until all the people passed. A simple thing reflects our spirit of unity and cooperation and strengthens our cohesion. The guide said that those who are afraid of heights should experience the glass trestle road and the girl said, If you carry me back, I will marry you. Qingyuan Drifting, the key attraction of Qingyuan Cool Tour, adds a touch of color to this hot summer day. Its really a good drifting for both men and women, old and young! uuuuuuuuu

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The unforgettable summer trip of Qingyuan also experienced the jungle CS, the authentic Qingyuan chicken, the reservoir fish and other games with local characteristics and delicacies, which ended in reluctance. After these two days of relaxation, we devote ourselves to our work with full passion and energy, and contribute our strength to the brilliant future of Helix.

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