Printer Motor Production Line Delivery on Time


On December 24, 2018, the printer motor production line will be delivered to the customer's factory on schedule. At the same time, our engineers will be present to guide the installation and commissioning, providing one-to-one practical and technical training. This motor production line is an old customer who has cooperated for many years. Every time a customer places an order, he trusts and affirms our company. Of course, we will not fail our customers, try our best to provide better products and professional after-sales service, and gain more trust from customers. Win-win situation can be achieved through long-term cooperation.

The wire body is mainly used for the production of motor equipment on printers. Its main processes include automatic assembly of rotor segments such as feeder, winding machine, touch welding machine, finishing machine, grinder and gasket, and automatic assembly of motor segments such as back cover components, casing components, rotor and shield cover. The main advantages of the equipment are simple structure, independence, convenient debugging and maintenance, high degree of automation, high flexibility and convenient transfer. The whole line design is compact and occupies less space, reducing the number of operators. Bring stable production efficiency and quality assurance to enterprises. At the same time, according to the type of customer needs, we can be responsible for technical support, answer the demand information, provide detailed reports of professional technical solutions, tailor-made motor automation equipment for enterprises. Click to see the details of the printer motor automation assembly line.


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