Honest-2019 New Year's Meeting Held Successfully


Golden Pig is rich and happy to welcome the Spring Festival, auspicious and rich to celebrate the New Year! On this beautiful day, the 2019 annual meeting of Shenzhen Honest Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was held in Guanlan Hakka Huangzi Sadian, Shenzhen. The company leaders and all the staff gathered together. To witness together what 2018 belongs to us.

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In his New Year's address, General Manager Zhou Huaguo first affirmed that 2018 was a year of sustained good momentum for the company's development and a year of remarkable achievements in market expansion and team building. So in 2019, we will continue to move forward, constantly expanding the enterprise structure, so that more people can think of Shenzhen Honest Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company when they know how to make mechanical and electrical equipment. Later, Vice General Manager Liao Jianyong and General Liao delivered a speech on the development of the company in 2018, which gave a great affirmation of the work in 2018. In 2019, we are ready to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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After the meal, the staff of the company brought a variety of program performances and game links. Of course, the most exciting thing is our Lottery activities, which include seven rounds of performances and games, and the climax of the whole evening party.


Happy after, usher in exciting moments. Enterprises award "100,000 yuan car purchase fee" to excellent managers. As an excellent manager, he is always concerned about the enterprise's troubles, share the same storms and fates with the enterprise, and make unremitting efforts to create every fortune for the enterprise. Only today can Heliji be so brilliant. "This is what you should have and must have," Zhou said boldly. "All the employees of Honest have opportunities."

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The annual meeting successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the energetic, positive and united spirit of Helix staff. Looking back on 2018, we will make concerted efforts to achieve common results; in 2019, we will continue to uphold the pragmatic spirit of the past 11 years and march forward bravely with the spirit of "innovation, unity, mutual assistance and trust". We believe that under the correct decision-making of the company's leadership and the hard work of all employees, the company will become stronger and stronger.

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